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Roberto Guardo

PhD in GIS-Seismo-volcanology

Software Developer

Extreme Sports & Videogames

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I was born and raised in Catania, Sicily, Italy, Europe, Earth.

I have been being fascinated by earthquakes and volcanoes since I was eight years old, when
I experienced my very first earthquake at school.

I attended both my Bachelor Degree in Geology and my Master of Science in Geophysics at the University of Catania, where I had the chance to study Mt. Etna volcano.

Being also very much interested in computer science, I focused both of my theses on the joint analysis between seismic analysis and Geographic Information Systems (GIS), with a view to perform a 3D image of the volcano’s interior. 

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What I Do
PhD GIS-Seismo-volcanology

I'm fascinated about Volcano's and Eartquakes and I study alway to enrich my knoledge and give useful information to users.


I'm settled in Web Development to continuosly improve my skills and work to improve VolGIS


During my life I developed some Games for Android devices and iOS system.

& Video

For my YouTube Channel Guardo Vulcani I prepare photos, videos and other social content

Extreme Sports

I'm fascinated about extreme sports!


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    Roberto Guardo
    PhD in GIS-Seismo-volcanology🌎〰️🌋
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    Roberto Guardo