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About VolGIS

VolGIS is a new volcano-oriented Geographic Information System for multidisciplinary volcano analysis.
It offers the possibility to analyse, model and visualise different volcano-related available data in a user-friendly high-resolution visualisation environment.

Someone once asked me:

“Why are you developing another Geographic Information System when others software are available?”

At this stage VolGIS is written in Processing, but further implementation may be done using Python and/or OpenGL.
In my plan there would be also as a Web-GIS application

The last version is the 2.5, presented at Cities on Volcanoes 10 in Naples, Italy. 


Features of VolGIS

Grid Subdivision

Earthquakes Visualization

Density Analysis

Overlap Maps


Cropbox for Detail Analysis

What More?

Working On:

Request a Demo

The code is not published yet because I am writing the relative paper. 

This demo version is developed using Mt.Etna as a model (paper in review). 

If you want to download it, please send an email to